Below are just a few samples of the hundreds of reports, proposals, newsletters, brochures, forms, resumes, articles, Web sites, and other publications Lori Jo Oswald, Ph.D. of Wordsworth has written, edited, and designed.

Technical Reports and Proposals Researched, Written, and Designed by Wordsworth

To protect clients’ privacy, some information has been deleted from these publications. The Literature Review below is an early draft; the final document was completed by Lori Jo Oswald of Wordsworth at the client’s office.

Technical Report Edited and Formatted by Wordsworth

For client’s privacy, I have only included part of this report and have deleted the client’s name. Changes to the text are shown as track changes (in red); however, the yellow inserted comments are not shown. The entire document was also formatted by Lori Jo Oswald of Wordsworth, including cover page, section breaks, page breaks, table and figure captions, section heading styles and numbers, paragraph styles, page numbering, headers, footers, page layout, and the automatically generated table of contents.

  • Below is an image of 6 pages of a report requiring heavy editing and reformatting. The red reflects changes to the text (using Track Changes in Microsoft Word); the pink boxes on the right margin are comments with suggestions to the author for improving the text or adding missing details. This image has been blurred to protect the client’s privacy.

drug laws

Newsletters Designed and Edited by Wordsworth

The quality of these PDF files, particularly graphics and colors, have been reduced dramatically in order to allow Web-site users to open them much more quickly than they would be able to otherwise.

Sample Statements of Qualifications (SOQs) Written and Designed by Wordsworth:

Sample Articles Researched and Written by Lori Jo Oswald: