Professional Editing & Document Formatting Services

Welcome to the world of precise editing and refined document formatting. As an editor with clients throughout the United States, Lori Jo specializes in ensuring factual accuracy, grammatical correctness, narrative flow, and structural soundness. With a passion for writing and document design, she excels in transforming text.

Lori Jo’s degrees include a Ph.D. in English and an A.A.S. in Computer Information & Office Systems. She is a certified Microsoft Office Specialist with 20 years of experience as a technical and business editor and document formatter. 


  • Editing and Formatting: Technical reports, proposals, and other documents using Microsoft Word’s track changes for quick and precise edits.
  • SF330 & Other Templates in Word: Professional templates for A/E/C firms and nonprofits.
  • Forms in Word, LLC: Co-owner providing thousands of government forms in Microsoft Word.
  • New! AI Text Generation and Organization: We create manuals and various company documents using AI.
  • New! AI Text Personalization: We edit and rewrite ChatGPT and other AI-generated texts to tailor them for your company.

How to Get Started

  1. Submit Your Document: Email your document to Dr. Oswald at or .
  2. Receive an Estimate: We’ll send you an editing and/or formatting estimate.
  3. Review Edits: Once completed, you’ll receive the edited Microsoft Word file with track changes.
  4. Payment: Pay via invoice or credit card through PayPal. Our standard rate is $65/hour. [See price list here]

Specialized Services

  • Technical Editing and Document Formatting: Using Microsoft Office products.
  • Document Digitization: Converting hard copies and PDFs into editable Word or Excel files.
  • Reformatting Projects: Enhancing the readability and visual appeal of Word and Excel projects.
  • Form Creation: Designing detailed forms in Word and Excel with automatic fill features.
  • Style Guide Development: Creating custom style guides to ensure consistency in writing, editing, and formatting.
  • Multiauthor Document Editing: Ensuring stylistic consistency for improved readability.
  • ESL Report Rewriting: Specializing in rewriting reports for authors for whom English is a second language.
  • Research Assistance: Conducting research for reports or presentations.
  • Content Organization: Systematically organizing electronic content for easy retrieval.
  • Proofreading: Providing meticulous proofreading services to ensure accuracy in typed documents.

Clients and Experience

  • Technical Editor and Writer: Worked with aviation, oil, engineering, architectural, and construction firms, Native Corporations, and education companies.
  • Document Formatter: Formatted documents for hundreds of clients and designed thousands of government and business forms.
  • Writer: Contributed to Alaska Business Monthly, Petroleum News Alaska, and over 200 other publications.
  • Copy or Technical Editor: Edited for Crop Protection Management magazines, Petroleum News Alaska, and more.
  • English Professor: Taught at the University of Oregon, University of Alaska, and other institutions.

Contact Us

For quick and professional document services, email Dr. Oswald at or

You can also call Lori Jo at 907-707-9039.