Professional Forms & Templates for Engineering, Surveying, Contracting, and Environmental Firms (A/E/C Templates)

# Form Title Price Buy Now
1 SF330 PACKAGE SPECIAL. Includes SF330 Short, Long, Binding Margins (short and long), Section E, Section F, Instructions-all in Word. Also includes Protected SF330 with Automatic Form Fill in Word, and the Org Charts Manual and Templates. Also includes the sample SF330 filled out in Word by Wordsworth. Access Database for the SF330 included for free. Basically includes all SF330 Forms in Word that we have! $94.50
10 SF330 Form in Word – $59.00 long version (5 files) $59.00
2 A/E/C TEMPLATE PACKAGE: Includes the following documents in Word-all can be changed, copied, added to, and more. Most of these are templates; you type your in Formation into them. The style guide is complete.

  • Style Guide for Engineering, Environmental, Construction, and Surveying Firms
  • Proposal Template (many of our environmental, engineering, architectural, and surveying firms have used this template)
  • Report Template
  • Resume Template (includes three resume Formats/styles for A/E/C firms)
  • Statement of Qualifications SOQ Template
  • Quality Control Manual Template
  • Think Inside the Box
3A Style Guide IN WORD Designed Especially for Engineering, Environmental, Construction, and Surveying Firms (our "pride & joy"!)-Click here to see Table of Contents pages $45.00
3B Style Guide IN WORD Designed Especially for AVIATION FIRMS $45.00
3C Style Guide IN WORD Designed Especially for BUSINESSES FIRMS $45.00
3D Style Guide IN WORD Designed Especially for OIL COMPANIES AND CONTRACTORS $45.00
4 Proposal Template in Word for A/E/C firms (environmental, engineering, architectural, and surveying firms have used this template)-Click here to see a PDF of this document; when purchased it is sent in Word. $27.99
5 Standard Report Template in Word (click here to see a PDF of this Form) $27.99
6 Employee Manual Template in Word $59.00
7 Health and Safety Manual Template in Word $59.00
8 Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) Template in Word
Click here to see a PDF of this Form with instructions; it is sent over both with and without instructions as a Microsoft Word document.
9 SOQ Template for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Projects (not the SF330 proposal Form but a template set up by Forms in Word and Wordsworth Specifically for USACE SOQ requests) $59.00
10 SF330 Form in Word – $59.00 long version (5 files) $59.00
11 SF330 in Word short to long Form upgrade (for $27.99 short Form package purchasers only); must be purchased within the previous 10 days. $38.50
12 SF330 Access Database-also included in package #1 above $74.50
13 Sample SF 330 filled out with instructions.We have filled out an SF-330 in Word and included tips and instructions on writing your proposals in the new Form. This document is for SF330 in Word purchasers ONLY. $27.99
14 SF330 Form in Word with Binding Margins (must purchase SF330 in Word first, either long or short version) $27.99
15 SF330 Form in Word with Binding Margins: LONG VERSION (39 pages) (must also purchase SF330 in Word Long Version-item no. 10 above) $27.99
16 Organizational Charts & Manual for the SF330. PURCHASE OUR SF330 ORG CHART MANUAL WITH NUMEROUS TEMPLATES IN WORD AS WELL AS DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS & EXAMPLES on creating & changing org charts in Word. Click here to see an example and more info. $27.99
17 SF330 Form in WordPerfect $27.99
18 254/255 Forms in Word-$27.99 $27.99
19 Three Resume Templates for Professional Firms in Word $27.99
20 A/E/C firm Quality Control (QA/QC) Plan Template $27.99
20.1 Fannie Mae Quality Control Plan Template-An easy to use Word template for you to insert your FNMA-HUD Quality Control Plan into, based on the guidelines at this link. $29.00
21 Monitoring and Rehabiliation Report Template (agricultural) in Word $27.99
22 Emergency Hurricane Evacuation & Response Plan (for boat operators) $27.99
23 WH347 Federal Certified Payroll Form in Excel $27.99
24 Contractor and Subcontractor Agreement Form Contract $27.99
25 U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) Style Guide (all PDF files combined and converted to Word for easy searching and use) $144.50
26 GPO Report Word template (contains styles used in GPO manuals, includes sample headings, contents page, cover page) $59.00
27 Nonprofits: Proposal Template in Word for Nonprofit Organizations $27.99
28 Nonprofit Template: Annual Report for Nonprofit Organizations in Word $27.99
29 Other Forms
30 DD2626 (Department of Defense 2626 Form) $27.99
31 DD2631 (Department of Defense 2631 Form) $27.99
32 EEO-1 (SF 100) $27.99
33 SF24 Bid Bond $27.99
34 SF26 Award Contract $27.99
35 SF30 Amendment of Solicitation/Contract $27.99
36 SF33 Solicitation Offer and Award $27.99
37 SF252 Architect-Engineer Contract $27.99
38 SF254 Architect-Engineer Questionnaire-Click here for more info. $19.50
(includes 254 & 255)
39 SF255 Questionnaire for Specific Project-Click here for more info.order in Word $27.99 (includes 254 & 255)
40 SF330 in Word-Click here for more info and other packages (also avail. in InDesign, PageMaker, Excel, and WordPerfect) $59.00 (includes 7 files)
41 SF1442 Solicitation, Offer and Award $27.99
42 SF-LLL Disclosure of Lobbying Activities $27.99
43 GSA 527 Contractor’s Qualifications and Financial Info $27.99
44 GSA SF 1141 Contract Pricing Proposal Cover Sheet $27.99
45 GSA 1142 Release of Claims $27.99
46 GSA 1903 Notice to Bidder $27.99
47 GSA 2631 Architect-Engineer Cost Estimate Summary $27.99
48 GSA 2630 Architect-Engineer Cost Estimate $27.99
49 Conractor Forms
50 Affidavit of Original or Subcontractor $27.99
51 Affidavit for Compliance with Prevailing Wage Law $27.99
52 Agreement to do Work $27.99
53 Certificate of Good Faith Efforts $27.99
54 Contractor Affidavit Regarding Settlement of Claims $27.99
55 Contractor Agreement $27.99
56 Construction Contract $27.99
57 Contract to Build (home) $27.99
58 Independent Contractor Agreement $27.99
59 Subcontract Agreement $27.99
60 Contract Addendum $27.99
61 Between Owner and Contractor (Agreement) $27.99
62 Notice of Commencement to Start Work $27.99
63 Change Order Proposal $27.99
64 Certificate of Acceptance (After Final Inspection) $27.99
65 Conditional Release (Upon Final Payment) $27.99
66 Conditional Release (Upon Progress Payment) $27.99
67 Unconditional Release (Upon Progress Payment) $27.99
68 General Lien Waiver $27.99
69 Final Lien Waiver $27.99
70 10 Day Stop Work Order $27.99
71 Modification of Construction Standards $27.99
72 Notice of Intent to Stop Work $27.99
73 Notice of Right to Rescission $27.99
74 Release of Stop Work Notice $27.99
75 Request to Subcontract Work $27.99
76 Statement of Materials and Labor Used by Contractors on Highway Construction Involving Federal Funds (FHWA-47) $27.99
77 Transfer Request of Inspected Materials $27.99
78 Application for Work Permit in Right of Way $27.99
79 Value Engineering Proposal (C-104) $27.99
80 Contractor Questionnaire $27.99
81 DBE Program tal $27.99
82 Prequalification Questionnaire $27.99
83 Log of Test Boring No. SB-1 In Word $27.99
84 Log of Test Boring No. SB-2 in EXCEL $27.99