SF330 Form in Microsoft Word

Standard Form 330 (SF330) in Microsoft Word – We’ll send it by e-mail today!

All SF330 forms are updated to the 2016 versions, and have been used by over 1,000 companies!

Form # Form Title Price Buy Now
1 (Created after meeting with USACE) SF330 Form in Word LONG VERSION (with EXTRA PAGES ALREADY INSERTED). In addition to the standard 6 pages of the govt.’s PDF (see item 3 below), we have inserted the blank organizational chart page, 12 resume pages and 10 project pages (already numbered), extra pages after Section H for your general proposal, and 5 extra Part II pages to add subcontractor info.This is ready to go to save you time in figuring out where and how to add pages! It also includes some instructions from Dr. Oswald to help you in preparing your SF330. Click here to see a PDF of this 39-page document (form is the latest update; sample is not). PACKAGE INCLUDES 7 WORD DOCUMENTS:(1) 39-page SF330, (2) 6-page SF330, (3) Instructions with linked contents, (4) Section E & (5) Section F as separate templates. Also now includes (6) & (7) automatic Form fill versions for customers who prefer to just tab to each entry and who want to protect the document. $59.00

2 –our best deal!

Includes all SF330 in Word forms on this page!

SF330 PACKAGE SPECIAL. Includes SF330 Short, Long, Binding Margins (short and long), Section E, Section F, Instructions-all in Word. Also includes Protected SF330 with Automatic Form Fill in Word, and the Org Charts Manual and Templates. Sample SF330 filled in NOW included!Also includes binding margins versions. Access database included for free. $94.50
3 SF330 Form in Word-6 page version (short Form) Click here to see a PDF of our SF330 Form in Word (form is the latest update; sample is not) and compare to the government’s PDF! We know you’ll be pleased. If you need to see a free sample page, just e-mail us.

This version is recommended for subcontractors only; prime vendors should purchase item 1 or 2 above.

4 SF330 Form in Word with Binding Margins: margins set for binding (We have expanded the government PDF measurements to .8 left and right for those who will binding their proposals. We have also inserted the blank org chart page.) (7 pages) $25.00
5 Resume Page-Alternate Design with 2 resumes per pageCLICK HERE TO SEE A PDF OF THIS PAGE! $25.00
6 SF330 Form in Word with Binding Margins: LONG VERSION (39 pages) $59.00
7 SF330 in Adobe InDesign-long Form;see pdf here (form is the latest update; sample is not.) $59.00
9 Sample SF330filled out with instructions. We have filled out an SF330 in Word and included tips and instructions on writing your proposals in the new Form. ONLY AVAILABLE TO THOSE WHO PURCHASE THE SF330 IN WORD. $25.00
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10 SF330 Access Database. Designed to assist clients in current and future SF330 proposals, our Access database is set up to efficiently help you keep track of and quickly locate all data necessary to filling out the SF330 (such as linking personnel and projects for the resume pages and keeping project in Formation that includes scope, cost, and completion year). Save yourself hundreds-even thousands-of dollars in proposal data-collection and writing time! (See PDF of Instructions here for more information). $59.00 (or free with $94.50 SF330 Package special above)
11 SF254 and SF255 in Word (plus free projects and resume templates set up in separate files as full page and half-page documents to use depending on your needs and the proposal requirements) $19.50 for both the SF 254/255
12 Style Guide-Designed Especially for A/E/C and Surveying Firms.148 pages. We are very proud of this and believe that you will find will pay for itself in many ways in years to come! Includes acronyms and abbreviations; writing tips; document Formatting instructions and tips; references examples; commonly misspelled words; style and rules for grammar, punctuation, and mechanics (such as capitalization, bullet lists, and commas), and much more! This is a very detailed document that will help ensure your company presents itself professionally in all documents. It can be used as is by writers, editors, document Formatters, and other staff members, or you can make changes to it based on your company’s preferences and needs. An excellent tool that all firms should own and use. It is designed for engineering, surveying, architectural, construction, and environmental firms.Click here to see a PDF of the contents. $29.00
13 SF330 in PageMaker-short Form package only (standard 6-page Form) $25.00
14 A/E/C TEMPLATE PACKAGE: Includes the following documents in Word-all can be changed, copied, added to, and more.
  • Style Guide for Engineering, Environmental, Construction, and Surveying Firms
  • Proposal Template (many of our environmental, engineering, architectural, and surveying firms have used this template)
  • Report Template
  • Resume Template
  • Statement of Qualifications Template
15 SF330 Form short package (item 1) to long package (item 2) upgrade (for purchasers of short package only who want to purchase the long package) $37.99