Technical Editing and Document Formatting Services Overview

photoWordsworth LLC is owned by Lori Jo Oswald, who has Ph.D. and M.A. degrees in English (University of Oregon), combined with an A.A.S. inDSCN0040 Computer Science (University of Alaska) and university-issued certificates in Microsoft Office Support Specialist, Desktop Publishing & Graphics, and Office Technology. Dr. Oswald provides writing, editing, and formatting services to clients throughout the U.S. and e-mails documents right to them. Dr. Oswald (see resume) has over 20 years writing and editing experience, and has specialized in technical writing and editing since 1987. Services include:



Just e-mail ( your project needs, and I will quickly fix and turn docs around for you. You are welcome to use me as your on-call editing, secretarial, document design, proofreading, or writing support staff:

  • Technical editing and document formatting (Microsoft Office products)
  • Typing up into Word (or other preferred program) any documents available only in hard copy or uncopyable PDFs
  • Copying PDFs and putting into workable Word or Excel files
  • Reformatting Word and Excel projects to make them look sharp and edit them for readability and correctness
  • Creating detailed forms in Word and Excel with automatic form fill features (having created over 7,000 federal and state forms in Word and Excel that are used worldwide, I consider myself one of the top experts in form design in the country).
  • Creating company style guides that provide consistent guidelines in writing, editing, and formatting for that particular company, including various examples.
  • Editing a multiauthored document so that it reads stylistically as if from one author to improve readability.
  • Specializing in rewriting reports written by authors for whom English is a second language.00000579
  • Conducting research on various topics for authors to include in their reports or presentations.
  • Organizing various electronic content into folders and files by type, year, topic, name, etc. so they can easily (and logically) be located.
  • Proofreading.  We have a very valuable employee whose main skill is comparing typed documents to hard copies to ensure that no mistakes were made; this is a rare gift, someone who can proof every letter and every number against the original without missing anything.  Such a skill is essential when comparing, say, analytical results in the laboratory records to those typed into a report. It is tedious work and very difficult to find someone who is patient and great at it, and I have been blessed to do so.
  • Editing multiple reports of the same type, creating a consistent template, ensuring the language is U.S. English and fits company style.

Steps to Having Your Document Edited or Formatted from Anywhere:

  1. E-mail your document to Dr. Oswald. You can use the contact form at right or just send via email.
  2. I will send you an editing and/or formatting estimate.
  3. When finished with your document, I will e-mail you the Microsoft Word file. I use track changes so that you can see what edits were made.
  4. I will bill you, or, if you prefer to pay with a credit card, you can pay through PayPal. My standard charge is $65/hour for editing and/or formatting. See price list here


Wordsworth’s Clients:

Listed below are just some of the clients Dr. Oswald has handled writing, editing, and document formatting assignments for in the last few years: